God Used The Disciples… Flaws And All

In one of the Crocodile Dundee movies, ‘Mick refers to “Jesus, God and all them ‘postles.” Well, “all them ‘postles” had flaws just like we do.
Simon Peter was one of them… he would deny the Lord.
James and John were known as “sons of Thunder” meaning they had tempers.
Thomas would doubt the risen Lord.
Matthew was a tax collector.
Judas Iscariot would betray the Lord.
You would think that of all people, the 12 disciples would be almost perfect Christians. I mean, These guys spent lots of time with Jesus. Jesus was training them to continue His work. Yet, they were human and very flawed.
So, if you think God can’t use you because you have flaws well, the disciples had flaws. They had made mistakes yet, God used them. God can and will use you as well.
I encourage you to consider the flip side of this as well. There may be someone that you have questions about God using them. Maybe you know them well… you know their past… I encourage you to forget their past. If they’ve made mistakes, set that aside. If God has called them, God can use them.
The disciples were flawed but God used them. He can do the same with us and others.

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