Have you ever gotten crossed up with someone? Had a disagreement? It happens.
There is an old saying that only thing two Baptists can agree on is what a third Baptist ought to be tithing. There is some truth to that. But, it’s not just Baptists who disagree. We all have disagreements.
They happen between husbands and wives… they happen between parents and kids… they happen between brothers and sisters and brothers and brothers and sisters and sisters… They happen on the job.
Disagreements will happen… but the key is, don’t let them linger. And there are a lot of disagreements that have lingered between people for years.
In the sermon-on-the-mount, Jesus said if you are presenting your offering and remember that someone has something against you, should stop, go to the person, get right with them, then continue with your offering. Now let’s be honest… if that happened in churches this morning, a lot of offerings would be interrupted because there are lots of Christians who are bitter with others.
But folks, it shouldn’t be that way.
Now, someone may say, “But you don’t know what they did to me.”
You are right.. I don’t. And someone may have done something very wrong to you. But, it doesn’t mean we should hang onto it for years.
I know people who will intentionally avoid other people in a store.
I encourage you, if there is friction between you and someone else, make it right. Go to the person and resolve it. No one has done anything to you that is any greater than what you did to put Jesus on the cross.
Don’t let disagreements linger… Resolve it… today.
There is an old poem that goes;
“To dwell above with the saints that we love, That would be glory.
But to dwell below with the saints that we know, Well that’s another story.”
Today, do your part, to get along with the saints that we know.

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