We Are Not What We Drive Or Where We Live… We Are Children Of The King

(Transparent post)
In the last almost three years, periodically I have sensed the leadership of the Holy Spirit to be very transparent in a post. It’s a little frightening to do it because when you open yourself up… at times you can be judged. But, each time I’ve been transparent, God has used it to touch someone.. I pray that happens with this post.
You are not what you drive… or the size of your house or.. the amount of money you make. Success is not based on what you own or the level of education you have…
I’m not proud of it but that’s something God has had to teach me. One of the major struggles I’ve had is wrapping myself in the identity of being a Pastor.
Over the last.. almost three years, many times I would say, “I used to be a Pastor.” The fact was, it hurt to not be a Pastor. Being a Pastor was who I was.
When I walked into a restaurant I would hear, “Hey Bro. Gregg” or “Hey Dr. Potts.” I was the Pastor.. lots of people knew me… After resigning FBC Emerson, I didn’t hear that anymore.
On Sundays, I wasn’t preaching… no one said, “That was a good sermon Bro. Gregg.” I admit, the affirmation felt good. But then, God convicted me… preaching is not about hearing “that is a good sermon…” It’s about lifting up Jesus. I knew that but, being human… I could forget it.
Over time God began to help me see that what I was struggling with was, my identity in Christ. Today, God spoke to me again about that. You see, before I was ever called to preach, I was a Christian. I was Gregg Potts, from East Fork community east of Kentwood. I was a believer. I was a child of the King.
But over the years, I had gotten that mixed up..
I had a tendency to base how I felt about myself on my annual salary or my education or my title or what kind of vehicle I drove. The fact is, none of those things represent who we are. Now, since we hear so much about the American Dream in America, lots of people want to own a big house… drive nice car… have a nice salary… etc… And, if we achieve those things, we are successful. Or, so we are told..
But, the fact is, you can drive an old clunker and God loves you. You can live in a one-room apartment and God loves you. You can have zero education and God still loves you. You can Pastor a small church in the middle of nowhere and God still loves you.
Our identity is NOT what we have or belong to or drive… our identity is solely based on WHOSE we are… and I’m a child of the King. So are you.

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