The Existence Of God

Does God exist?
To me, that sounds like a ridiculous question… Absolutely… yes… God exists! Why would anyone even question that?
But, there are people who do… They are called atheists. They do not believe in God.
I have talked with several atheists… some face-to-face and some on the internet. One atheist I spoke with was a Sunday School teacher in the past. I asked him why he left the faith?
He replied, “I couldn’t believe in a talking snake.” He was referring to the Genesis story.
Well, I can believe in a talking snake… Maybe I’m naive but I don’t think so. I believe in God because I believe the Bible and the Bible says that God exists.
Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God.” The verse doesn’t debate the existence of God, it simply states that God exists. It doesn’t tell us where God came from; it just says that God is.
I believe in God. i believe in God in part because I have sensed the leadership of the Lord in my life and God has provided for me. I have never heard the audible voice of God but I have sensed His presence.
I begin the year 2019 affirming Genesis 1;1; “In the beginning God.”
Join me as we worship and serve Jehovah God.

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