Our Help Comes From The Lord.

No call – no show.”

I’ve heard that phrase a few times in the business world. It is a reference to someone who was scheduled to work and they didn’t show up and they didn’t call. It’s very unprofessional for someone to do that.

When someone does this they make it tough on others because people were counting on them. Now, someone else has to cover for the “no call – no show” person.

When you talk with business owners about the problems they face they will say it’s hard to get reliable people. They have experienced “no call – no show” and it’s frustrating. Where can you get reliable help?

Psalms 146:5 says, “How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob. Whose hope is in the Lord.” I don’t know who or what you are counting on for help, but the only person you can always count on is the Lord.

You may have a vast network of people you feel you can rely on. Or, maybe yoU feel secure because you have some money in the bank. Both of those are great. But the only lasting, reliable help any of us can have is Jesus. I encourage you to trust in Him today and in the year 2019.

There is a phrase that I’ve heard in the business

Ok, so you have a project and you need some help. Someone has told you they will be there but they fail to show up

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