We Should Think About Others In Making Decisions

Yesterday, I was at a car repair place and I was talking with the owner about Christmas plans. He said he was closed on Christmas Eve. The man said; “Yeah, it gives everyone a four day weekend… Doesn’t make much sense to come in here half-a-day on Monday… It’s better for morale.”
His last words caught my attention… “it’s better for morale.”
So, one of the reasons he decided to close on Christmas Eve is, it’s better for the attitude of his employees. I commended the guy… I said “Good for you.”
He made a decision in part, based on how it would affect his employees. He could have thought, “We are open Christmas Eve… we may be the only auto repair place around her open so we may make some money.. if the employees don’t like it, they can take a hike.”
But he didn’t… He chose to consider how his decision would affect his employees. He made a decision based on others.
Today… this week.. we need to think about others as we make decisions. Now, that runs counter to the common mindset of today… “What’s in it for me?”
“What’s in it for me?” says, “I’m going to get mine….. I’m not concerned with everyone else.”
Now, in making decisions we do have to consider what’s best for us.  I’m not ignoring that… But, the point here is, there are times when our decisions should be based on how they will impact others.
Jesus left heaven and came to earth for others.
Jesus died on the cross of Calvary for others.
There is a church in north Georgia that has really grown in the past several years. I attended a conference there once and asked someone what was the key to the growth of the church? The person replied, “we try to think of others.”
I asked for an explanation. The individual said, “Bro….. is always talking about ‘others.'” Everything we do is for others.
Today, let’s think about how our decision will affect morale… let’s think about how it will affect others.

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