Christmas Throughout The Year

Next Tuesday we will celebrate Christmas.
The DAY of Christmas, that is.
But, the DAY of Christmas is just that… a day. It’s not even the right date… most Bible scholars agree Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. So, December 25th is just a day that has been designated to celebrate the birth of Christ. So, on the 25th, we will gather with our loved ones, perhaps exchange a gift or two and that will be Christmas. Then, on the 26th.. it’s all over and we wait three-hundred-and-sixty-four days until the day of Christmas comes around again.
All the Christmas cheer is gone. The radio even stops playing Christmas songs the day after Christmas. There is no gradual fade out… it’s done.. over, for another year.
But, does Christmas have to end on the 25th? No, it doesn’t. I’m not referring to Santa and gifts and all that. I’m referring to the spirit of Christmas.
At Christmas, there is a little better spirit in the air. We call it “the Christmas spirit.” We bake cookies or make fudge and we share those with loved ones. We may purchase a gift… even something small, to give to people as an expression of our love. Because, well, it’s Christmas and Christmas is a time of giving.
There may be someone you don’t get along with.. but, you may try to set that aside for this one day because, it’s Christmas.
The idea of Christmas or, the spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to be a one-day thing. It should be year-round.
Year round…. we should be forgiving.
Year round… we should be giving.
Year round… we should be loving.
It shouldn’t take a day on the calendar for us to love one another and help and give. As we move into the final week before Christmas day.. let’s all be reminded that the 25th… it’s just a day on the calendar… it’s not even the right day… But the spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to be limited to a day. it shouldn’t be limited to a day. Every day should be Christmas day.
How can we make it so? By being filled with the Spirit of God on a daily basis and asking the Lord to help us be more loving and forgiving.
By being aware of people around you who are hurting and helping them as the Lord leads.
Christmas shouldn’t be a DAY on the calendar but a spirit that continues through the year.

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