Don’t Keep A Record Of Wrongs

A man and his wife went to see a Counselor. The Counselor asked, “What seems to be the problem?”
The man said, “Any time I do something wrong, she becomes historical.”
The Counselor replied, “Sir.. you mean hysterical, right?”
The man said, “No sir; she becomes historical… she reminds me of every mistake I’ve made.”
Some people have a tendency to become historical.
But thank the Lord, God doesn’t.
Psalm 130:2 asks, “Lord, if you kept a record of our sins, who, O Lord, could ever survive?” Well the fact is, none of us could survive because we all are sinners and we are pretty good at it. We sin… we may say we will not do it again but we do… because we are human and we will fail again.
But the Lord doesn’t keep a record of our sins. And thank the Lord He doesn’t because we would be doomed.
Love should not keep a record of wrongs. Paul said that in I Corinthians 13.. a chapter known as “the love chapter.” So, if you have a mental list of sins… mistakes… someone has committed, you need to throw them in the trash… God doesn’t keep a record of wrongs and we shouldn’t either.
So, when someone makes a mistake; don’t get historical and bring up everything they have ever done. God doesn’t keep a record of our wrongs and we shouldn’t do it.

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