“Old Friends”

      We live in a day of text messages and email. There is nothing wrong with using both of those at times but, the best way to communicate with someone is still, face-to-face. A text is fine. A phone call is good. Email is also good. But there is nothing quite like talking with someone face-to-face.
Willie Nelson  used to have song he sung with others entitled, “Old Friends.” The chorus to the song went;
“Old friends Lord when all my work is done
Bless my life and grant me one old friend just one old friend.”
Old friends are special. They warm our hearts and encourages us. We laugh with our friends and swap stories of things that have happened in our lives.
In II John 2:12, John said, “I hope to come to you and speak face-to-face that your may be made full.” Think about what John said… “I hope… to speak face-to-face that your joy may be made full.” Talking with a friend face-to-face is one of the greatest blessings of life.
Is there someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? Someone you need to see? Don’t use a text.. although there is a place for that… or an email… go see them. You making time to talk with someone should let that person now how special they are.
The Christmas season is a great time to catch up with friends. Is there someone you need to see today? Do it, and boy of you will experience joy.

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