Dealing With A Lifestyle Of Sin

Does a Christian continue to sin after conversion?
The answer to that question is “Yes.” We do continue to sin.
And why do we continue to sin? Because we are human and we live in a world of sin. We don’t reach a state where we don’t sin until we get to heaven.
So, even though we sin, we are still saved.
But, in I John 3:6, the Bible says, “No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen or knows him.” This verse is talking about someone who sins habitually. Someone who sins and isn’t bothered by it.
For example; As Christians, when we sin, it should bother us. If it does, that’s an indication of the Holy Spirit within us, convicting us. But, John is saying if we continue to sin… he’s talking about a habit of sin… then we don’t know God. He’s describing someone who sins and honestly, maybe even enjoys their sin… and if someone says anything to them they may respond, “Hey, even though I’m a Christian, I’m not perfect.”
Sin should bother us. We shouldn’t dismiss it or try to explain it away. It should bother us. If it doesn’t bother us, that’s a problem.
So how do we deal with temptation? What do we need to do to defeat sin and the devil? John says, “Abide in Him.” The word means “to dwell…” It refers to someone who, on a daily basis, tries to live for the Lord. Someone who tries to honor the Lord. We abide in Him.
It means that we read God’s word on a daily basis. We spend time in prayer. It means that every day our desire is to honor the Lord in our lives. And, if we abide in Him, that will help prevent us from a lifestyle of sin.
Is there some sin in your life that could be described as “habitual?” You do it often and maybe it doesn’t bother you? If so, that’s something you need to take to the Lord. While we are human and we will most definitely sin, it should bother us when we do.
Today, maybe there is some habitual sin in your life. Confess it to the Father and experience His forgiveness.

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