Forgiving Someone And Moving On

Is there someone who made a mistake and you won’t forgive them? If there is, I encourage you to set aside your anger and hurt and forgive them. No, it’s not always easy but, it’s what we should do.
In I Peter 5:13, Peter is closing out his letter. As he does, he mentions that “his son, Mark” was with him. Why is that so significant?
Go back with me to the book of Acts. When the apostle Paul and Barnabas were preparing to take their first missionary trip, Mark had gone with them. But, for some reason, Mark bailed out. He left Paul and Barnabas. When Paul and Barnabas were preparing to go on their second journey, Barnabas the encourager, wanted to take Mark with them. But Paul wouldn’t have it.
So, Mark had made a mistake. His mistake was so great, Paul didn’t want to take him on their second journey.
Yet, here in I Peter, Mark is mentioned. Peter even refers to him as, “my son, Mark.” Mark had made a mistake in the past, but Peter loved him.
Has someone you know dropped the ball? Has someone made a mistake? It happens. And, it’s not easy to forgive. I know… but, we should forgive.
People are flawed. People are human… and sometimes our flesh is strong and powerful enough that it leads us to do things we shouldn’t do or maybe we fail to do something we should do.
If you are having a hard time forgiving someone, set it aside. Forgive the person. You make take a trip around-the-world with the person but you can forgive them and move forward.

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