What Does It Mean To Live Holy Lives

There is an old hymn that goes;
“Take time to be holy, Speak ‘oft with thy Lord.
Abide in Him always, And feed on His word.
Make friends with God’s children, Help those who are weak…”

Think about the words, “…take time to be holy.” What does it mean to “be holy.” The word “holy” refers to something that is set apart for God. God is holy and anything set apart for God is to be holy as well.
As Christians, we are to live holy lives. I Peter 1:15 says, “…be holy yourselves also in all your behavior.” Peter was challenging his readers to live holy lives.
Being holy means that every day, we are trying to live in a manner that brings glory to God.
It means guarding our tongue… It means not gossiping or criticizing (except in rare occasions when it may be justified) or using profanity.
It means being careful what we listen to…
It means being careful what we watch…
It means being kind to others.
I could go on but you understand the idea.
Two things need to be said about holiness; First, we have lowered the standard of holiness today. There are things that we do or say today that we shouldn’t. Now, someone may say, “Hey man, it’s 2018; that’s just the way it is.” But that doesn’t mean it’s right.
The second thing is this; we are not perfect. We will slip on occasion. But let’s go a step farther…. if you are living for the Lord and you really are trying to honor Him… it will bother you when you slip. You won’t need anyone to tell you that you slipped. It will bother you. That’s the convicting power of the Holy Spirit at work.
One other thing… Christians don’t have to “look” or sound holy to be holy.
I’ve known people who like to “look” holy or sound holy who were extremely judgmental of others and that’s not holy living either.
Let’s say someone dresses different than you. As long as how they dress isn’t un-Christian, it has ZERO to do with holiness.
Let’s say someone wears their hair different… or has body-piercings… or maybe thinks differently than you…. if it isn’t unChristian, it means nothing.
Holy living should not lead to being judgmental and unfortunately, that often happens. Holy living means striving every day to bring glory to Jesus and loving others.

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