God Is Creating In Me A “Clean Heart”(Transparent post)

(Editor’s note… a transparent post… it may not be pretty but it’s what God impressed on my heart… hopefully the Lord uses it to bless someone today.)
Last week, I was preparing the Sunday School lesson for a class I was beginning to teach. One of the texts for the lesson was Psalm 51. That text is David’s prayer of confession after his affair with Bathsheba and having her husband, Uriah killed.
In the Psalm, David pours out his heart and then, in Psalm 51:10, David prays, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.. And renew a steadfast spirit within me.” As I read that verse, it spoke to my heart… now I wasn’t preparing to teach but instead, was sensing the Holy Spirit convicting me personally about this verse.
You see, over the last two years and nine months, I’ve drifted. That’s tough for me to say… in public anyway… I’m a Pastor and I’m not supposed to drift. But I had.
I had been bitter with the church.
I had been bitter with Ministers.
I had been bitter with God.
I questioned the whole deal.
I’m not proud of any of those feelings but that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t know if I ever wanted to Pastor again. I wanted to do something and try to make a lot of money. At least, that was my idea… But it wasn’t God’s.
Yes, I had drifted… I needed to “get back to Bethel” as Jacob did in Genesis. I needed to get back to the Lord.
I had been going to church and Sunday School… We have tithed… but my heart wasn’t right. It was a LONG way from being right.
Until last week, when God spoke to me from Psalm 51:10… “Create in me a clean heart…”
That’s my prayer. Does that mean my heart will stay clean? No. This has to be done every day… maybe even every minute. We live in a sinful world and we are human. So, every day I have to ask God to “create in Me a clean heart…”
I believe that in part, God has been testing me during this time. I believe God has forced me to take a good long look at Gregg Potts. I’ve been on my face… and what I saw wasn’t pretty. There was a lot of junk I had to work through and ask forgiveness for.
The best way I know to explain this is with a ladder. You’ve heard the expression “I was climbing the ladder.” That was me. I had WAY too much of the success syndrome in me. I was climbing the ministerial and Southern Baptist leader. I know… I shouldn’t have been doing that… I KNOW.. I get it. I understand.. I was WRONG! But, that’s what was happening. But, as I climbed “my” ladder, I came to a point where I realized my ladder wasn’t on a solid foundation and it fell… I fell with it. So, if you are climbing the ladder, be sure you are on a solid, stable ladder… You can get a ways up the wrong ladder and it will fall and you will hurt. I know because I did it.
God is creating in me a clean heart. God has rekindled my desire to preach and teach and Pastor.
I’m 57. I’ve made a mess out of the last decade or so. But with God’s grace, I want to close strong. I don’t know how much time I have left… hopefully a lot… but whatever it is,       I want to use it for God’s glory.
Today, I am THANKFUL for a wife who has put up with me and loved me and been there for me. Lord have mercy, Holli Alice has been through it with me. I am THANKFUL for a Savior who loves me warts and all.
I am THANKFUL for my kids, Robert, Will and Sarah; my daughter-in-law Lauren, my son-in-law Landon and my grandson Peyton.
I am thankful we have a home in Cartersville, Ga.
I am thankful for friends.
I am thankful that I serve a Savior who forgives.
I am thankful He has forgiven me for climbing the ladder… and is renewing a clean heart in me.
Some folks have been praying for me… and this week, I’ve sensed that the prayers that have been going up on Gregg Potts’ behalf, or being answered.
Thank you Lord, for saving me and using me.

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