Which Is Necessary For Salvation? Faith Or Works?

What is necessary for a person to be a Christian; faith or works? The answer is faith but works should follow if our faith is real.
In Ephesians 2, Paul says, “we are saved by grace through faith.. not as a result of works… So, Paul says that works don’t save you. But then, James tells us that works should follow faith and James is right
In order for anyone to become a Christian they must by faith, ask Christ to save them. They must by faith invite Jesus Christ into their heart. Ok, that’s all that’s necessary for salvation. When you invite Christ into your heart, you are now saved.
Then what? Because we invite Christ into our hearts, our faith in Christ produces works. We begin to worship; we study our Bible, we give, we serve, etc… So our faith produces works.
So, are we saved through works? No, we aren’t. But, there should be works in our lives because by faith, we have received Christ as our Savior.
We receive Christ by faith and our faith produces works in our lives.
James said, “So also faith is dead without good works” (2;26).
Today, this week… demonstrate your Christian faith through the works of love and giving and helping.

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