It Was A Good Sermon – Are We Doing Anything About It?

Today is Sunday… a day of worship.
We go to worship, hear a message… may even say “Amen” at times or, nod our head in approval of a point in the sermon. Let’s say that the Pastor preaches on helping the less fortunate. During his sermon he challenges God’s people to be aware of people who need help and especially during this holiday season.
The sermon is over… we go to our vehicles, we crank them up and drive away. As we drive away we begin discussing lunch plans…
We come to a red light… off to our right, there is a man holding a sign that says, “Please help!”
We ignore it… we figure, “Oh, it’s just some bum… He probably is an alcoholic or drug addict who has wasted his money on booze or drugs.”
We come to a second light and again, there is someone standing there… this time it’s a lady… she has a sign that reads, “Need help BADLY… Please help.”
You think, “It’s probably some prostitute or drug addict…I’m not helping them.”
Then, you go to the grocery store… you are making your way through the store and you come to a freezer where the turkeys are kept. There is a young man and woman there looking at the turkeys. They need the larger one but they don’t have the money. As you over-hear them, they seem to be about $10 shy of what they need to purchase the larger turkey.
You have a wad of cash in your pocket and you feel for this young family but… You don’t help them…You reason they have probably not managed their money well or they wouldn’t be in the position they are in.  They need a Dave Ramsey class.
About that time, you spot a fellow church member and y’all begin talking about the great message you just heard at church on helping other people…Then, y’all make dinner plans for that night… After all, you have some extra money in your pocket….  Money you could have helped that young couple with….
You have heard a message on helping others… you even nodded in approval at the message a few times… then, after church you had the opportunity to actually put that message into practice but you didn’t do it.
You had THREE opportunities… and each time you didn’t act. Oh, you love the Lord… You may even have a bumper-sticker on your car that says, “Honk if you love Jesus!” But, you are not putting your “love for Jesus” into practice.
James said, “”But be doers of the word, and not hearers only… If anyone is a hear of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror” (James 1:22-23).
Today… this week… from this point forward… be a doer of the word… not merely hearers only.

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