Let Jesus Use You To Be Jesus To Someone

(Another transparent post… Hopefully the Lord uses it to help someone.)
Imagine you were in the synagogue in Pittsburgh yesterday. Imagine you experienced the horror of a man coming through the door of a place designated for worship and hearing the sound of gun-shots. Imagine that you lost a loved-one… in church.. to a shooter.
I cannot… and do not want to begin understanding that. It is scary.
Then, in the aftermath of it, friends and maybe relatives come to the scene and find you and try to comfort you. They hug you. They weep with you.
Someone may even ask the question, “Why? Why did this happen?”
Someone may try to explain it by saying, “It was just their time.” (That one always makes my blood boil.)
Someone else may ask, “Why would God allow this to happen?” And perhaps the answer is, “We don’t know but we trust God.”
I think people ask those questions because when tragedy happens, we want answers and maybe the only thing we know to do is ask “why God would allow this to happen?” It always scares me when well-meaning Christians want to try to explain the reason for tragedy.
Maybe we quote a scripture to someone. Maybe we use the 23rd Psalm… “The Lord is my shepherd…”
I don’t understand why the lives of innocent people are gunned down in SYNAGOGUE, no less and, nor does anyone else. But I know this… there are people hurting. I’m totally guessing here but… there may be someone who determine not to go to synagogue again… because it reminds them of hurt. Some may begin questioning God or… even the existence of God… “After all,” some may reason… “if there is a God would does He let this happen?”
These people need someone to just love them… not to try to explain it.. just love them… just be there and hopefully there are people who will do that.
Lord I cannot begin to feel the hurt someone is facing this morning. Someone who saw a precious loved one gunned down in church. None of us can understand that. Don’t even try… unless you’ve experienced it.
Today, maybe you don’t live in Pittsburgh. Maybe you have a friend or a relative who is struggling… hurting.. Maybe they need you to sit down and just love them. To walk with them through the pain and hurt and questions.
Be Jesus to someone today… Quote a scripture if you feel led… then, just be there… offer to help… love… don’t tell someone Jesus will be with them.. let Jesus use YOU to be Jesus to these people.

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