“He’s Been Faithful To Me (Us)”

Jim Cymbala is Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. His wife Carol, ministers alongside him, leading the choir. Years ago, Jim and Carol went through a very tough ordeal when their daughter turned her back on God. In the midst of that ordeal, Carol wrote a song,          “He’s Been Faithful.”
The lyrics are;
“In my own suffering
Through every pain every fear
There’s a God who’s been faithful to me.
When my strength was all gone
When my heart had no song
Still in love He’s proven faithful to me
Every word he’s promised is true
What I thought was impossible
I’ve seen my God do.

“He’s been faithful, faithful to me.
Looking back His love and mercy I see
Though in my heart I have questioned
And failed to believe
He’s been faithful, faithful to me.”

That song speaks of the faithfulness of God. Psalms 92:2 says, “To declare Thy lovingkindness in the morning And thy faithfulness by night.”
As I look back over the last two-and-one-half years, God has been faithful to Holli and me. God promises to take care of our needs… not our wants… but our needs. Needs are food… shelter…. basic transportation…
We can sing… and others can sing of the faithfulness of God. Today, give thanks to God for His faithfulness in your life.

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