A New Covenant Which Is A New Heart

I am a Potts. I came into the world as a Potts. I am grey-headed, stocky and and the older I get, I have a large nose… like Potts men. There is nothing I can do about those things. That’s the genetic makeup I was born with.
I could wish, “Lord, why couldn’t I have been born a Manning? Why couldn’t I have been an athlete like Archie Manning and his boys?” But it would do no good… I am the son of Robert and Myrna Potts so I have Potts and Brock genes.
I can’t make myself tall…that’s not in my genes… From the beginning, I knew I would never be as tall as Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 🙂
I was born a Potts and, I was born a sinner. I couldn’t do anything about it. Because I am human, I am a sinner and my sin separated me from God.
When I realized I was a sinner, I could have tried to fix it. I could have thought, “Ok, I’m going to try to be a good person… maybe that will fix my sin problem.”
But, the Bible says that my “righteousness is as filthy rags…” So, I can’t be good enough to fix my sin problem.
I could have thought, “Ok, I will offer sacrifices to God and that will fix my sin problem.” But sacrifices don’t fix my problem.
No, I have a problem that I simply could not fix… But God could.
In Jeremiah 31, the Lord tells Jeremiah that the days were coming when He would give Israel a new covenant. This covenant wouldn’t be like the 10 commandments… written in stone… No, this covenant would be written on man’s heart. God was talking about the change that takes place in our hearts when we invite Christ into our hearts.       The Lord said He would give us a new covenant in our hearts. Jeremiah 31:31 & 33 says, “Days are coming when I will make a new covenant… I will put my law within them.”
So, God gives us a new covenant which is a new heart to deal with our sin problem. Today, thank the Lord for the new covenant…. the new heart… that He has given us.

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