Are You Happy In The Lord?

(Another installment in my confessional/transparent posts…)
Question; Are you happy as a Christian? Do you have joy?
Last night, I attended revival services at a church where I once was Pastor, FBC Dallas, Ga. Dr. Bob Pittman is the speaker. I’ve heard of him but never heard him. The Lord really used him to speak to my heart.
His message came from Psalm 32:11; “Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous ones, And shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.” I’ve read Psalms 32 numerous times but I’ve never seen that verse. The first part of the Psalm deals with the blessings of having your sins forgiven. But I’ve never noticed that last verse.
Are you… am I… are we… glad in the Lord? Let’s be honest; many of us are not. Why aren’t we glad in the Lord? It could be a number of things… circumstances… gossip… etc…
As I listened to his message, I was convicted. One of the primary reasons I have not had joy is circumstances. I have allowed Satan to steal my joy due to some circumstances I’ve faced.
What about you? Are you happy in the Lord? If you aren’t, you can be.
Are you going through some tough times? Are you facing some adversity? Has someone disappointed you or hurt you? All those things happen… but we don’t have to let them rule our lives.
I’m not suggesting that tough times don’t hurt us. They do… I’m not suggesting that we will get every day, click our heels and have a wonderful day. Some days, we may not have the energy to click our heels. But, we don’t have to dwell.
I have to, by God’s grace, remove the things in my life that are robbing my joy and be happy in the Lord. Join me?

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