Encourage Someone

Will Rogers once said, “I can go for days after one good pat on the back.” He was talking about encouragement. Everyone needs encouragement. That’s how we are wired.
Will also said once (this is not verbatim), “There’s not much difference between a kick in the rear and a pat on the back, but one accomplishes much more.”
Everyone needs a pat on the back. Everyone needs a word of encouragement.
In Colossians 4:8, the apostle Paul says that he plans to send Tychicus to them … “that he may encourage them.”
Think about the word “encourage.” To encourage someone is to put courage into someone. To discourage someone is to remove courage. All of us need encouragement to live for Christ. We need encouragement to stay with a task. We need encouragement to do things that maybe we haven’t done before and are unsure about. We need to encourage.
Several years ago, a man came out of church, took my hand and said, “that was a very good sermon, Bro. Gregg.” This guy wasn’t one to encourage much. I said, “Well, I appreciate that” but my facial expression revealed that I was surprised to hear this from him. Then he said, “I think everyone needs and ‘attaboy’ every now and then.”
He was right… everyone does need an “attaboy” every now and then.
Today, there is someone in your world… someone you know… someone whose path you will cross, that needs encouragement. They need to know that someone cares.
Let the Lord use you to encourage someone today.

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