Jeremy Pruitt Is Confident In The Vols – We Should Be Even More Confident In The Lord

Last night, Robert and me and Peyton went to the North Paulding – Marietta football game. As we were walking into the stadium, I looked to my right and saw a man with an orange polo on. It was Jeremy Pruitt, Head Coach at U.T. I walked around, spoke to him and asked if we could get a picture? He was happy to do it.
We chatted briefly. Then we talked about schedule and he mentioned that the Vols play Bama in the next week or two. As everyone knows, Bama is great and they are loaded with 4 & 5 star athletes. With that in mind, I said, “Coach, your a couple of recruiting classes from Bama, right?”
He replied, “One.”
That’s pretty strong. Jeremy Pruitt knows that Bama is one of U.T.’s biggest rivals and knows their talent because he coached there. So, for him to say the Vols were one good recruiting class from having the same talent Bama has, is a pretty strong statement.
Now, maybe he was just saying that. Maybe he knows that’s what people want to hear. Or, maybe he really feels his Vols are one good recruiting class from competing with Bama. If so, that statement reflects confidence.
Who is your confidence in today? Is it in your bank account? Your connections? Your education? Your charisma? If your confidence is in anything other than the Lord, it’s in the wrong place.
In Psalm 78:7, the Psalmist says, “That they should put their confidence in God.” Is your confidence in the Lord this morning? Or, are you trusting something else?
Jeremy Pruitt believes in his team… he is supposed to… he is the Coach. But he is trusting eighteen to twenty-one year old boys. Our trust… our confidence… should be the Sovereign God of the universe who made heaven and earth.

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