The Fable Of The Frog And The Kettle

Are you familiar with the story of the boiling frog? It’s a fable about a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
That story came to mind as I thought about something I saw yesterday. I made a post about it… some of you may have seen it. A young lady came out of a Wal Mart with her small child… he looked to be three or four years old. He had a t-shirt on that read, “My child can kick you child’s a…”
I thought, “My stars, WHO would buy that shirt for a kid to wear?” The obvious answer is, someone in that kid’s family evidently thought the shirt would be cool. So, good money was spent to buy a shirt for a child to wear that had vulgar language.
How have we gotten to this point in our society? How have we gotten to a point that someone feels like it’s ok for a child to wear something like? The answer, I believe, is like the fable of the frog in the kettle… we have gotten there slowly.
How have we gotten to a point that kids and adults listen to rap music with vulgar language?
How have we gotten to a point that people feel the need to blare their vulgar music while they are filling up with gas at a store?
How have we gotten to a point where parents think their kids do no wrong?
How have we gotten to a point where kids and adults, at times.. walk around with ear plugs in their ear listening to music while in public?
How have we gotten here?
Some may say, “it’s when they took prayer out of school.”
Others may say, “it’s Washington’s fault! Our politicians don’t get anything done these days!”
Some may even say, “it’s those 7/11 songs… referring to the praise songs that are sung in many worship services” (the idea is… those songs are composed of seven words that you sing eleven times)
How have we gotten to this point? My answer may surprise you.. we have gotten here slowly over time because… this is my conviction… parents have, for the most part, allowed some of this stuff to happen.
It’s not the politician’s fault folks. It’s not the church’s fault. It’s not the schools… principals and teachers just accept the kids we send them. It’s parents… it’s the home.
Kids grow up as a reflection of their home.
When I was about nineteen I lived in a dorm at Southeastern. I had bought a story and was accustomed to blaring my music. Well, at some point, I moved back home. And, I thought I was going to blare my music again.
Daddy called me into the kitchen and told me in no uncertain terms to “turn that….. music down.”  Yes, Daddy cussed. He didn’t drank or gamble or run around on Momma, but he did cuss.
The music got turned down and it was never that loud again. He didn’t have to tell me again. Some parents might have complained to their friends… “my kids are always blaring their music… but I don’t want to say anything.”
Why don’t you want to say anything? It’s parents NOT correcting their kids that is partially responsible for where we are.
We accept a lot of things today that shouldn’t be accepted reasoning, “I don’t like but, that’s just the way it is now a days.”
But that doesn’t mean that whatever it is, is right. If something is not right.. it needs to stop.
The frog jumped into a pot of water that was lukewarm. Over time, the water heated up and the frog didn’t notice it until it was too late. I’m not a prophet, but we may be on the edge on our nation. Our homes have to change… our hearts have to change… or else we will be the frog in the kettle and we will die.

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