How To Change America

“I’m concerned about America.”
I’ve heard people say that many times. And I’m concerned about America as well. And out of our concern, we may talk about how some things that once happened, no longer happen. For instance, someone may say “Ever since they took prayer out of school     America has been going downhill.” I believe in prayer but there doesn’t have to be prayer in school for America to turn around.
Someone else may say, “I’m voting for so and so.. they are a Christian and we need more Christians in Washington.” While that may help, Christian politicians are not going to change America. They can pass law all day but laws don’t change the hearts of people. So what will?
Are you ready for this? The answer is us… me… you… Christians…
If we really want to see change in America, it won’t happen at the ballot box or the court-house or the state-house or in D.C.. It starts in the pews of every church across our land. It starts in the homes of Christians everywhere. If Christians of all denominations will heed the advice of the apostle Paul and “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord” change…. good, positive, Christ-like change will happen
The country will become more loving because Christians believe in loving one another.
There will be more truth because Christians know that lying or spreading false information is gossip so we only say or repeat what is true.
Paul said “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.” We are to be more loving…
more caring….. more Christ-like.
Today, let’s walk out the door determined to live in a manner that pleases Jesus.

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