From Questioning Your Faith To Affirming Your Faith

If you are living for the Lord, life is supposed to be easy, right? All the breaks of life are supposed to go your way, right? You are supposed to wealthy and happy, right?
Nope… most definitely not!
Now, God CAN do whatever He wants and if that means blessing you financially, that’s wonderful but, God doesn’t promise us that we will never go through the tough times of life. And at times, if you are struggling but you look around and see those who aren’t living for Christ and you see them doing well, you can question if living for Christ is worth it?
That’s where the Psalmist was. In Psalm 73:2, the Psalmist said, “But as for me, my feet came close to stumbling; My steps had almost slipped…” Why was this so? The Psalmist says, “I was envious of the arrogant, As I saw the prosperity of the wicked.”
The Psalmist could see that the wicked were prospering and he questioned his faith. “Was it worth it, to serve God?” he thought.
But later in the Psalm, the Psalmist goes into the sanctuary of God and there he says, “I perceived their end…” He adds, “Until I came into the sanctuary of God… Then I perceived their end.”
The Psalmist was in a time of worship when God spoke to him and reminded him of the fate of the wicked and then, the Psalmist could see that living for God was right.
You may be having the same experience; maybe you look around and you see that other people… people who aren’t serving God are doing well and you question living for God. But, you are reminded that everyone of us will stand before the Lord. The wicked person who is prospering? They will stand before God and they will be held accountable for their lives.
So, if you are disillusioned… discouraged… questioning the whole faith thing.. know that God doesn’t settle His accounts on earth. It is the right thing, to continue to serve God.

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