We Are “Pursued By Grace”

“Pursued by grace…”
That’s the phrase a Senator used yesterday that she said, she got from her Dad. Her Dad had a drinking problem and the only way he was able to beat it was, he was “pursued by grace.”
I love that phrase… “pursued by grace…” That applies to all of us. We are all “pursued by grace” in that Jesus loves us and wants us to have our sins forgiven.
We are “pursued by grace” in that when we slip… when we make a mistake… we are forgiven, if we ask the Lord.
We are “pursued by grace” in that, although none of us are perfect, Jesus overlooks our flaws and accepts us.
Just as we are pursued by grace, others are as well. We need to remember that because, although we know we have been pursued by grace, we don’t always extend that grace to others.
Today, is there someone you need to extend grace too? You have been… you are currently being pursued by grace by a loving God who loves us all so much that He gave His only begotten Son.
Receive God’s grace for you and extend God’s grace to others.

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