Walk In Love As Jesus Loved Us

How do you minister to people who have messed up? I’m talking about young ladies getting pregnant before marriage. I’m talking about someone who has had an affair and other things. How do we minister to them?
Do we give them the stiff-arm and tell them to stay away? Do we shun them and tell them they aren’t welcome in the Lord’s church? I hope not… because lots of folks have messed up.
I’ve made mistakes.. you’ve made mistakes…
But, regardless how messed up someone may be or… how badly someone has messed up, they should find grace among the people of God. The apostle Paul challenged us to “walk in love just as Christ also loved you.”
Think about those words… “walk in love just as Christ loved you.” Our model is Jesus.         Jesus loved everyone. The only people Jesus had issues with were the religious people.
Jesus had a conversation with the woman at the well.
Jesus called men as His disciples who had issues… Matthew was a tax-collector… Peter had “foot in the mouth” disease. James and John had anger issues. Yet, Jesus looked past their flaws and called them.
As Christians today we should be marked by love. Jesus said “walk in love.”
Today, I challenge you to walk in love.
Forgive those who need to be forgiven.
Help those who are down.
Encourage those who are hurting.
Walk in love as Jesus loved us.

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