Dealing With Anger

Have you ever gotten angry?
Anger is an emotion that we will deal with at times. Now, there are some people who do not get angry often. My wife falls in that category. We have been married thirty-four years and I’ve seldom seen her get angry. And there are many people like her. On the other hand, there are those of us who deal with anger on a regular basis.
What causes anger?
If we see someone mistreated that can cause to get angry. Or, for parents, if someone mistreats our children, that can REALLY cause us to get angry. Or, maybe someone lied to us or… maybe they charged us WAY more money than they should have. And there are other things that make us angry.
In Ephesians 4:26, the apostle Paul said, “…Be angry and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.”
Ok, notice Paul says, “Be angry and yet do not sin.” Paul is acknowledging that we may get angry. We are human and we are sinners. Anger is an emotion we will experience. But Paul goes on to say, “… don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” So, while we may experience anger, Paul is telling us when we get angry, we need to resolve it. Don’t let it fester. Go to the person, and humbly admit that you made a mistake and ask forgiveness. Don’t let the anger fester.
Paul says if we fail to deal with our anger, we will give the devil opportunity. That means, Satan can use our unresolved anger to develop bitterness between us and someone else.
Are you angry with someone? You need to talk with that person. Don’t let that anger fester.
Has someone approached you and ask you to forgive them for their anger? You need to forgive. Let it go.
It was a nice summer day when 2 flies came upon a picnic lunch. Finding only baloney, they promptly ate their fill.
The flies then flew to a nearby well for a drink, then they sat on the pump handle to rest and talk.
After a few minutes, one said he had to leave and flew off, only to drop dead after a few feet. Then the second fly flew off, and he, too, dropped dead.
Today, ask the Lord to help you with your anger. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

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