God Will Hold Our Hands

When our grandson Peyton comes to visit us, we will often get out in the backyard and walk. At times, he walks by himself. But at times – and it’s often if he is about to get on the steps and he’s a little unsure of himself – he will reach up with his hand for me to hold his hand. When I hold his hand, he feels more secure on the steps.
All of us, at times need someone to hold our hand. Now, we may not admit it…. but all of us, at times, are a little unsteady. Maybe money is tight. Maybe we are about to do something that frightens us. Maybe we are facing some health problems.
During all those unsettling… trying times… God offers to hold our hands. In Isaiah 42:6, the Lord says to Israel, “I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness… I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you.”
Think about that image… Jehovah God… the Sovereign God of the Universe, offers to hold our hands.
When God holds our hands, He gives us stability.
When God holds our hands, He steadies us.
Whatever you are facing today, God offers to hold your hands. In fact, if you look up,          God’s hands are reaching down to hold your hands.
Go ahead, take God’s hand.
God promises to walk with us through our trials and adversity and challenges.

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