Don’t Be A Hypocrite!

“Don’t be a hypocrite!”
Or, “you are a hypocrite!”
Have you ever said that or have you heard someone else say it? More than likely you have. The word most commonly used to describe someone who appears to be religiously pious but, in reality, they are living a double life. On Sunday, they attend church and sound holy. But Monday through Saturday, it’s a different story.
Paul dealt with hypocrisy in Galations 2. Paul told about a time when he had to confront Peter. When no Jews were around, Peter was easting with the Gentiles. But, when some prominent Jews showed up, Peter wouldn’t eat with the Gentiles. He was being hypocritical.
Now, technically everyone of us is a hypocrite in that none of us are perfect Christians. But, although we aren’t perfect, it should bother us when we don’t live as we should. It should bother us that at times, we are hypocritical.
Simply put, a hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does another. A hypocrite is one who professes to live the Christian life but in reality, they don’t.
A hypocrite praises God on Sunday and then cusses up a storm during the week.
A hypocrite may quote some Bible verses but fails to live by them.
A hypocrite may gladly tell you where they attend church and then, criticize the Pastor or other staff.
A hypocrite is a play actor.
I’ve heard people say, “I don’t attend church because of all the hypocrites at the church.” I hear you… and that bothers me too. But, everyone of us are hypocrites do a degree. Friend, if your justification for not attending church is not wanting to be around the hypocrites, you are really just justifying your absence. You will not find a church that doesn’t have hypocrites.
Instead of focusing on the hypocrisy of others, let’s look at ourselves. We need to put ourselves on the altar and ask the Lord to reveal any hypocrisy in us. As the Spirit convicts, we need to confess it and live for Christ.
Let’s not be hypocrites! Instead, live for the Lord and be real in your faith.

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