9/11 Got America’s Attention – What Will It Take Now?

This is not an easy post to write… but it’s something God has impressed on my heart.
Seventeen years ago today, America was attacked. I remember it like it was yesterday. Holli called me from school to tell me that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. Later, one would hit the Pentagon. Later, one would crash in a Pennsylvania field.
Americans were shocked. Afraid. Angry!
I was Pastor of FBC Vancleave then. We called a special prayer meeting time in the church that night. A very good crowd gathered. Then, the Sunday following 9/11, the church was packed. People were turning to God.
It was full again, two weeks after.
But about the third Sunday after 9/11, attendance had pretty much returned to normal. The fear had worn off. Normal life resumed.
Recently, I was thinking about our nation. Thinking about how worship attendance is down… people have turned from God. Sports.. leisure… are essentially idols in our great country.
There was a time when, being “faithful” to a church meant a person attended worship pretty much every Sunday. Not today. “Faithfulness” is defined as “every third Sunday.”
I love technology and I enjoy sports as much as anyone else and I realize the world is changing. I get all of that. But, it grieves me… bothers me… that America has turned away from God. Oh, many people believe in God. Many people pray to God… especially when we need something. But, attending worship… giving…. serving… well, we have a life.. or so we think… and we will do these things when we can.
What’s it going to take to bring America back to God? I’m not predicting anything and I hope it doesn’t happen but the fact is, historically, it often takes something bad… war… the economy crashing… something like that to get people’s attention. 9/11 got our attention for a few weeks… Then it was back to normal.
America has turned away from God. Worship is been replaced with sports… Parents spending thousands of dollars to put kids on travel ball teams and travel cheer teams etc… while kids grow up knowing how to catch a baseball, but not knowing the Lord.
Millions of Americans will spend lots of money to attend college football games over the next three months. They may complain some about the cost of the tickets but most will pay the money because they enjoy the games. That same person, if they give anything to the Lord’s church, will give two or three percent of their income when they are supposed to give ten percent.
We call upon the Lord when we are in crisis. When a family member is sick or, when we need a job. Then, we forsake the Lord when our prayer has been answered.
America is spoiled. We have our priorities WAY out of order. I pray it doesn’t take something major for God to get our attention.

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