Grace Doesn’t Give Us A License To Continue To Sin

I am sharing a concern this morning in my post. If you follow my posts you know that I believe in grace. I believe in grace, grace and more grace. But, believing in grace doesn’t mean a person should continue to sin.
In Romans 6:1-2, the apostle Paul asked, “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means”
So, Paul is saying that just because we believe in grace, doesn’t mean we go on sinning willfully. Grace does not give us permission to continue to sin.
Ok, so what am I referring to? It bothers me.. almost makes me angry that we have reached a point that we accept people living together outside of marriage. There was a time when that was referred to as “shacking up” and it wasn’t something anyone was proud of. But today, it’s like there is nothing to it. It’s becoming or has become, the norm. How did we get to this point?
I think some of it if not much of it is because no one corrects it.
Let’s say a young lady is thinking of moving in with her boyfriend. Do her Parents bothers to tell her she shouldn’t do that or, do they keep their mouths shut because they don’t want stir up any trouble. I realize there are times when Parents may say something but the kids do it anyway. I get that.
Folks, listen; if you are living with a person of the opposite sex, you either need to move out or get married. It’s that simple.
Now, someone may say, “I’m doing this because I don’t have the money to pay rent.”          Figure out something… but I know this… you don’t need to be living together.
I heard this story recently that perfectly illustrates this;
A young man and young lady were living together. They invited the young man’s mother to come and share a meal with them. During the meal, the mother kept looking around and acting uncomfortable until finally, her son said, “Mom, I know what you’re thinking… but we are not sleeping together..”
But Mom was skeptical.
They finished the meal… washed the dishes and Mom went home. Some time after that, the young man and his girlfriend ere preparing for a party they were hosting. The young lady couldn’t find a silver tray. She told her boyfriend about it and said, “The last time I remember seeing it was when your Mom came over that night.” Then she added, “I’m not saying she did but, do you think she took it?”
Well, the young man wrote his Mom a letter. It read, “Dear Mom… hope you are doing well… we enjoyed you sharing a meal with us recently. Mom, I’m not saying you did and I’m not saying you didn’t but, the fact is that we can’t find a silver tray. The last time we saw it was the night you were here. We were just wondering if you might have taken it.”
A few days later the young man received this letter from his Mom; “Dear son, I enjoyed sharing a meal with you and your girlfriend. You asked about the silver tray… Son, I’m not saying you are and I’m not saying you aren’t but, the fact is, if you were not sleeping together, you would have found the tray under the pillow in your girlfriend’s room.”
Again, I believe in grace but grace doesn’t give us a license to continue to sin.

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