“Do Not Move The Ancient Boundaries”

We live in a changing world. All around us things are changing and, for the most part, I like the change. I have never been one to continue doing something just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” If something isn’t effective, it needs to be evaluated.
But, there are some things that shouldn’t change. Proverbs 22:28 says, “Do not move the ancient boundary which your fathers have set.” What are some ancient boundaries that do not need to be moved?
Trust in God’s word. I realize that the Bible is an old book. I understand. And, it was written in a very different culture and time. But, the Bible is the only book that is God’s word to us. We should live our lives based on the principles and teaching of Scripture. The Bible represents absolute truth and we should trust it.
Reverence for God. There was a time when there was a respect for God. Today a person may refer to God as “the man upstairs.” Some may have more respect for an athlete or entertainer than they do God. Reverence for God needs to be restored.
Responsibility. This means accepting responsibility for what we’ve done.. It means admitting we made a mistake if we did. It means not trying to find someone else to blame. We are all human. We all make mistakes. Accepting responsibility is a sign of maturity and growth. That boundary does not need to be removed.
Honesty and integrity. You may be familiar with the expression, “I’m a man of my word.” Or, “we don’t need a contract… let’s just shake on it.” That meant two men shaking hands on something meant it was a done deal. Today, there has to be a contract for everything that covers every possible loophole. Be honest with others. That is an ancient boundary that needs to be restored.
Helping our fellow man. There was a time when people helped one another. And, there is still some of that in today’s world. But there is definitely not as much as it once was. All of us need help at times. We should restore the ancient boundary of helping others.
Respect for authority. This is something that is huge with me. I was taught to have respect for my Parents and others in positions of authority. That meant the school Principal, the teacher, the coach, the policeman… anyone in a position of authority. That, is a boundary that has almost been removed today. Folks, God puts parents, law enforcement, teachers, etc… in our lives to provide order. I realize that there are some bad apples. I realize that some parents are abusive… and some law enforcement can abuse their authority…. I’m not referring to those. We should have s respect for authority.
There are many other ancient boundaries that should not be removed… these are just a few… Let’s strive to live with a reverence for God… to take responsibility for our actions…. to live with integrity… to help our fellow man and to have respect for authority.

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