God’s Banner Over Us Is Love

If someone were to ask you, “Give me one word that best sums up Christianity?”, what would you say? If I were asked that question, my answer would be simple and easy; I would say “love.”
The Christian faith was founded by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus walked on this earth doing miracles, feeding and teaching people. He was crucified on a Roman cross for the sins of mankind. Jesus gave His life so thst we can live eternally. Jesus was and is love.
So, love would be the word I would choose.
In the Song of Solomon, the Bible says, “He has brought me to His banqueting hall and His banner over me is love” (2:4). I love that phrase, “His banner over me is love.”
God’s banner over us is love. A banner is something we hold up. It is a statement. If you go to a football game, someone may have a home-made sign that has a message on it. Well, God has a banner… a message… that hangs over this world and it’s called “LOVE.”
God loves us.
In spite of our failure…
In spite of our flaws…
Doesn’t matter where we were raised…
Doesn’t matter what level of education we have…
God’s banner over me… over us… is LOVE.

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