What Does God Promise Us Regarding Trials?

Just mention the name and people familiar with it think “suffering… trials…”
Some may say, “You know… I don’t read the Bible nearly as much as I should but I’ve heard of this guy Job… man he suffered.” And he did. Job lost his family, his wealth and his health. And then, three of his “friends” came to console him and ended up telling him there must be some sin in his life.
Adversity… trials… are tough… And someone reading this may well be going through a time of adversity.. Maybe you are thinking, “When will this end?”
Then, someone comes along and trying to console you tells you about Job and they tell you that Job’s story ended good. The last chapter of Job says that God ” …restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends and the Lord increased all that he had two-fold.”
God restored everything Job had lost… two-fold. That’s a great story. But, does that happen all the time? Does all adversity end with everything being restored? Let’s be realistic…. no, it doesn’t.
Someone may say, “Well it can;” and they are right… yes it can… but we don’t need to tell everyone going through trials that God will restore everything.
God promises to be with us. As I type this I’m reminded of the story of Corrie Ten Boom. Her family turned her house into a haven for Jewish people trying to hide from the Nazi’s. They were doing a good thing. But they were discovered. Corrie spent years in a concentration camp. Members of her family died.
Corrie was released from the camp… she said later that she discovered it was a clerical error… God didn’t restore her family.. but God was with her.
I can think of other people who are going through tough times. God walks us with us through those times. God doesn’t promise everyone he will restore everything. But He does promise to be with us… and provide for us.
Have you lost a job? Gone through a divorce? God doesn’t promise to give us better jobs… He promises to provide. He promises to give us strength to endure the times of trials we face.

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