“Where is your God?”
That’s what people were asking the Psalmist.
The text doesn’t say what he was facing but he was going through some type of hardship. The Psalmist says, “I used to go along with the throng and lead them in procession into the house of God.” But something changed and now, the Psalmist was going through some tough times.
But at the end of the Psalm, he finds hope. He says, “Why are you in despair O my soul and why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him” (42:11).
“Hope in God…” we aren’t sure what had happened to the Psalmist.. but whatever it was, his solution… his counsel was to “hope in God.”
That’s good counsel for us as well. Maybe you aren’t sure what the future holds. Maybe some things have changed that leave you a little uneasy… unsure… Maybe things around you are moving and you are a little unsteady. You would like some kind of assurance for the future… some word to assure you that everything is going to be ok. But maybe… no one can tell you that. But, they can tell you to trust in God.
We may not know the future. We may be a little unsteady in the present. We may have questions we would like answered but they aren’t… All of those things produce uncertainty… anxiety….
As the Psalmist said, “Hope in God for I shall yet praise Him.”

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