God Disciplines Us Because He Loves Us

I bought a drum once… I reckon I thought I was going to be the little drummer boy…. but I bought it without telling Daddy. That wasn’t a good thing. Then, I lied about it. That was worse. And, because I did, I got spanked.
I didn’t buy any more drums and I tried to be honest from that point forward.
Daddy disciplined me to impress upon my young mind not to buy anything without him and Momma knowing about it and, don’t lie. Tell the truth.
Have you ever been disciplined? Most of us have. And it isn’t fun. But, it’s necessary. It’s even necessary in the Christian life.
There are times when God disciplines His children. I believe God has been disciplining me in the past two-and-one-half years. God has figuratively put me on my back and has stripped me down spiritually and mentally in order to teach me some lessons.
My attitude wasn’t right. My walk with the Lord wasn’t right. And God has disciplined me to get my attention in those area.
Now, someone may say, “Ok, how did you know God was disciplining you?”
Well, I didn’t learn it overnight. I have a tendency to be a little hard-headed and some times… so it may have taken me longer than it should have to teach me.
Size of crowds was too important too me. So, God let me preach to just a few folks a couple of times. God was teaching me that size of crowd didn’t matter. Your self-esteem… your well-being… should not be tied to the size of the crowd.
I have been a Pastor all my life. I didn’t know it, but being a “Pastor” became my identity. It made me feel good to hear “Hey Bro. Gregg” or, “Hey Dr. Potts” when I was in a store or restaurant. But then, that stopped. And God taught me that my self-esteem… is not tied to my title. God loves me and I am a child of the King not because I’m “Bro. Gregg” or “Dr. Potts” but because I’ve trusted Jesus as my Savior.
But God had to discipline me to teach me those things. God is still disciplining me.
Job 5:17 says, “How happy is the man whom God reproves.” Now, those words were spoken by “Eliphaz” one of Job’s “friends.” He was telling Job that God must be disciplining him because he was suffering so. Eliphaz was wrong but, the words are true.      We should be happy if God is disciplining us because it means God loves us and is trying to make us more like Him.
So, if God is disciplining you, it means God loves you and wants you to have a closer relationship with Him.

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