Rules Or Grace; Two Ways Of Living The Christian Life

How do you live the Christian life? How do you do things that bring honor and glory to Jesus? That’s a question man has debated and struggled with since Jesus was on this earth. And, as I see it, it comes down to two things; rules or grace.
First, let’s talk about rules. The Pharisees had rules. They had rules for everything and in order for them to be pleased with a person, you had to follow their rules. Don’t ask about the meaning of various rules, just follow the rules.
And, that approach to Christianity still exists. I grew up being taught to follow the rules. Don’t dance… don’t chew and don’t run with those who do. If you “don’t do” certain things then, you are living the Christian life… or, so I was taught. But, that kind of Christianity leads to legalism. It leads to a life of following the rules and the rules don’t fit every situation in life. In fact, Jesus didn’t follow the rules. He was in constant conflict with the Pharisees because He didn’t follow the rules.
The other approach to Christian living is love. I’ve seen the version of the Christian faith that is governed by rules and it isn’t pretty. Following the “rules” can lead to someone not being ministered to. I’ve seen people who are very following the rules but, their heart is cold and not filled with love.
Love should permeate everything we do as a Christian. It should guide us… govern us… control us…
Years ago, I determined that when making decisions, if I had to choose between grace or law, I was going to come down on the side of grace. I want my life to be marked by love.
Paul said in I Corinthians 13:13, “But now abide faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
Today, may our lives be marked by and filled with love

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