“When My Soul Was In The Lost And Found”

     “When my soul was in the lost and found, You came along to claim it.”

Those lyrics are from Aretha Franklin’s hit song, “Natural Woman.”
Has your soul ever been in “the lost and found?” Have you ever gone through a time when you were struggling? You don’t know which way was up?
Think about those lines… “My soul was in the lost and found…” When something is in the lost and found, the person who owned it had lost it… Maybe the person hadn’t been taking care of it as they should and they went off and left the object… someone came along, found it…. turned it in and the store put it “the lost and found.”
Lots of times, things that are left in the lost and found are never claimed. The owner just forgets about it and moves on. Unless, of course, it’s something of great value to the owner then, the owner will turn around and retrace their steps to find what they lost.
“When my soul was in the lost and found…” Lots of us have been in “the lost and found.” We felt like no one cared about us…. We were forgotten… just tossed into “the lost and found.”
Imagine with me that there is a huge “lost and found” department in the world. It’s for people… not objects…. Lots of people are in the “lost and found.” Some got there through a divorce… Some had some tough breaks go against them. Some made mistakes… Regardless HOW they got there, they have been tossed into “the lost and found.”
Listen to me folks…. EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD MESSES UP. EVERYONE! And when they do… when we do…. our souls can end up in the lost and found. But, when the world passes by “the lost and found” department and doesn’t bother to pick anything up, Jesus walks by and says “I will claim you.”
Are you in “the lost and found” today? Friend, Jesus loves you. Jesus cares about you. You matter to the Lord. As Aretha Franklin sang, Jesus “comes along… to claim our soul” from the lost and found.

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