Make Time For Worship

Yesterday morning, I met a young couple in a restaurant in nearby city. I am doing their wedding ceremony in September and we were having a time of consultation. My plan was to have my meeting and have enough time remaining to worship somewhere.
When I arrived, the couple was already present. The place was full. I visited with the couple for about an hour and got up to leave and the place was packed. There were people waiting for tables. I thought, “it’s Sunday morning.. but you wouldn’t know it in here.”
Now, to be fair, I have no idea what was going on with those people. It is possible that some of them had gone to early service or maybe even Saturday night Mass. That’s possible but I’m guessing that hadn’t happened. So here was a restaurant FULL of people at 10:30 on Sunday morning right in the middle of a time when Christians should be in worship. In fact, there were more people in that restaurant then there were in many churches.
I realize we are living in a different day… and I don’t believe you need to be in church every time the doors are open but, every Christian needs to worship.. some time during the week.
God gave us twenty-four hours in a day… God gave us seven days a week… That’s one-hundred-and-sixty-eight hours in a week. Surely, we can take one hour and set it aside to worship God.
I encourage you to find time to worship. Make time for worship.
In the past, I was a member of a local Rotary club. The club met every week at Tuesday for lunch. Shortly after I joined he club, I had to miss a meeting. An older member told me I needed to make the meeting up. I needed to attend another Rotary meeting to make that meeting up. At first, I thought the guy was joking… but he wasn’t. Rotary is fairly serious about you not missing meetings. Now, nothing against Rotary… it’s a great civic group.. but if a civic group believes so strongly that it’s member should not miss meetings, shouldn’t the church be the same? Sure it should!
We need to prioritize worship and make time for it. If you don’t prioritize it, you will miss worship frequently. There will always e an excuse. Put the Lord first in your life and make time for worship.

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