“The Hand Of God Is On Him”

Have you ever heard someone say, “the hand of God is on him?” I have… and you likely have as well. We normally make that statement regarding someone who is a powerful Preacher or any of God’s servants whom seem to have God’s blessings.
So, what does it take for us to have “the hand of the Lord” upon us? In Ezra 8:22, the Bible says “The hand of our God is favorably disposed to all those who seek Him..”
Think about that verse… as I understand it, it says that anyone who diligently seeks God… can have the hand of God on them. The key is here is that we must diligently seek God.
“The hand of God” implies God’s favor… God’s direction… God’s protection… God’s blessing. God isn’t going to bless us if we are out of His will. God isn’t going to bless something we are doing if it’s not in His will.
I might pass a house and it’s a beautiful house and I think “man, I would LOVE to have that house!” So, I go to God in prayer… and I pray and i pray for God’s blessing to buy that house. God can answer our prayer but, why do we need to this house? Would a smaller, less expensive house be just as good? Sure it would. So, purchasing a new house may not be God’s plan.
On the other hand, if God is in something, it works. Years ago, there was a church in Jackson, MS that needed to relocate but the people voted not to. so, the church decided to remodel what they had. Money was slow to come in on the project and in time, the Pastor and key leaders began to sense God’s hand was not on that project. So, the church decided to change course. They stopped that effort and instead bought property north of Jackson and today a beautiful church facility is there reaching lots of people. The hand of God was on the plan.
Today, if you want the hand of God on your life and plans, we must diligently seek God and make sure that our heart is right and our plan is not motivated by selfishness but to bring all glory to God. When we do that, we experience the hand of God.

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