“Joy Comes In The Morning”

Months after the late old-time evangelist Vance Havner lost his wife of 36 years he said, “I’m still in the valley but thank God I’m walking through it, not wallowing in it.”
We all go through valleys.. adversity…trials.. but, the Lord walks with us through it all. The Psalmist said, “Weeping may last for the night but joy comes in the morning” (Psalms 30:6).
In verse one of the Psalm, David says “thou hast not let my enemies rejoice over me.” In verse three David adds, “Thou hast brought up my soul from sheol. Thou has kept my alive that I should not go down to the pit.”
Then, David adds, “His anger is but for a moment… weeping my last for the night but joy comes in the morning.”
Maybe you, like David, are going through some tough times. When you are going through tough times, it can seem like they will never end. The days and nights can feel long. We may struggle to rest… because our mind is focused on the troubles we are dealing with. Weeping… trials… hurt… may last for a while but, the scriptures promise us “joy comes in the morning.”
Recently, I saw a Facebook post of a lady whose husband passed away recently. In addition to that, she had to put her pet down. This lady is a lady of faith… her husband is in heaven… she knows that… but the pain of the memories she had with her husband are very strong and she asked for prayer. She is going through a time of weeping.
But how does “joy come in the morning?”
It comes from strength only the Lord can provide. It comes through our soul, gradually… slowly.. beginning to heal. It comes through us slowly, being able to live… to go about our daily routine in the absence of our life-long mate. It may come through the presence of a Christian friend. It may come through a song that particularly touches our heart. It may come through friends in our Sunday School class or church reaching out to us to take us out to eat or go to lunch or just coming to our home and visiting with us.
Weeping… sorrow… may indeed come in our lives… but, the promise of scripture is that joy comes in the morning.

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