Whose Gonna’ Fill Their Shoes?

I was a Southern Baptist Pastor from 1984-2016. My early years of ministry were the late 80’s into the 90’s. During that time, there were some strong men who were Pastors of large churches and leaders in the SBC. Those men were great Preachers and Pastors. I had the opportunity to meet a few of them.

That group of men built some great churches. I’m referring to Dr. Adrian Rogers at Bellevue in Memphis. Dr. Ed Young who is still at Second Baptist in Houston. Dr. Darrell Robinson who was at Dauphin Way in Mobile and then, was Evangelism Director at the North American Mission Board. Dr. Paul Powell who was Pastor of Green Acres in Tyler, Texas for years before becoming President of the Annuity Board. Dr. Billy Smith who was Pastor of Sherwood in Albany and then, went into Evangelism. Dr. Bob Self who was Pastor of FBC Brookhaven, Ms for years. Dr. Perry Sanders, who was Pastor of FBC Lafayette, LA for years. And, there are many others.

Dr. John Bisagno, long-time Pastor of FBC Houston, TX passed away today. That generation of men were great leaders… great Pastors… great Preachers. I miss them today… There are not lots of Preachers who preach like those men did. There are a few, but not many.

I think there has been a void in the SBC since that generation has moved on.

I’m reminded of the old George Jones song; “Whose gonna fill their shoes?”

Those men left some might big shoes to fill.

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