Three Types Of People In The World

There are three types of people in the world. Just three types.
Now, someone may say, “Wait a minute… there are BILLIONS of people in this world… How do you know there are three types of people?” It’s because the Bible says there are types.
The three types of people are; the natural man, the spiritual man and the carnal man. In a world of billions of people, every person falls into one of those three categories. Let me explain.
In I Corinthians, the apostle Paul is talking about how important the power of the Spirit of God is. Then, Paul says, “A natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him…(2:14). Then, Paul adds, “But he who is spiritual appraises all things..” Then, in chapter three, Paul adds, “I could not speak to you as to men who are spiritual but as to men of flesh… babes in Christ” (3:1). Paul is referring to the carnal man here. The word “carnal” means flesh.
So, the three types of people are; the natural man, the spiritual man and the carnal man. The natural man is unsaved. He’s never trusted Christ as his Savior. He can’t understand spiritual things because the Spirit is not in him. Maybe there are times when you were at work and you talked about something good that happened in a worship service. The person who does not have the spirit will not understand or appreciate anything spiritual that happens.
Then, Paul talked about the spiritual man. The spiritual man is filled with the Spirit of God and understands spiritual things. He has an appreciation for things of the spirit.
Finally, there is the carnal man. Paul referred to some of the people in Corinth as “men of flesh… babes in Christ.” The word “flesh” means “carnal.” A “carnal” man is governed by the flesh. I will give you an example..I occasionally hear people bragging about getting drunk. I do not comprehend WHY that is something someone would want to brag about. What glory is there in getting drunk? But, the person who does that is a carnal man… governed by the flesh.
So, in a world of billions of people.. there are only three types; the natural man, the spiritual man and the carnal man. Of the three, which one are you? I pray you are the spiritual man. But, some of us may be carnal men.. we are saved… we are believers… but our lives are still governed by the flesh. May each one of us strive to be more spirit-filled today.

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