The Adversity Man Faces

Prior to the Revolutionary War, seeking to stir up revolutionary spirit among the colonies, Thomas Paine wrote a series of pamphlets known as “The American Crisis.” Paine wrote;”These are the days that try men’s souls.” That statement could probably be used to describe many times in our lives. Life is filled with adversity and trials.
Maybe you are going through a time of adversity now. Maybe your heart is troubled by some problems you are facing. The Psalmist knew what adversity was like.
Psalm 25:17-18 says “The troubles of my heart are enlarged, bring me out of my distresses. Look upon my affliction and my trouble, and forgive all my sins.”
Most of us have felt like that at times… most of us have gone through times when “…the troubles of our hearts are enlarged..”
We face challenges every day. But, there are times when our challenges are greater… times when the troubles of our heart are enlarged.
The last verse of Psalm 25 reads, “Redeem Israel, O God, Out of all his troubles.”
Today, maybe that’s our prayer.. “Redeem me O God… out of all my troubles.”
The Lord doesn’t remove us from all adversity. The Lord does protect us whenever we are facing adversity.
Whatever you are going through, the Lord is with you…

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