We Are All Different But God Loves Us All

There are billions of people on this earth. Among them are Chinese, Russian, Indian, Americans, Scottish, Hispanics, African-Americans, Swedes and many others. We are all different.
We look different and we think differently. In America, there are southerners, northerners, people from the midwest, people from the southwest and people from the west coast. We all think differently.
But, there is one common thread for all these people… God made us all and loves us all. However, at times, we can judge someone else just because they look or dress or think differently than we do.
In Romans 14, Paul was talking about different people. Some of those were strong in the faith while others were weak. Then Paul said, “Who are you to condemn someone else’s servants” (Romans 14:4).
That’s a good verse for us… when we are tempted to judge someone… who are we to condemn someone else? Now, I’m not referring to things that are not Godly. Ungodliness is the same regardless of nationality. But, there are times when a person just dresses different from us… I may question, “Why do they want to do that?” Well, they may be asking why I want to dress the way I do.
So today, let’s love one another and accept one another. Are we all different Yes. But God made us all.

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