Sin Is A Constant Presence – We Have To Ask The Holy Spirit To Help Us Bury Our Sin

Sin… temptation… we deal with those all our lives. Even after we accept Christ as our Savior. Let me explain.
All of us come into the world as sinners. We are all descendants of Adam so we inherit that sin nature. We ask Jesus into our hearts to forgive us and our sins are forgiven. But, that doesn’t mean we never deal with temptation again. Sin.. our old nature is still present in our bodies.
But Christianity is about grace and forgiveness. So, does this mean that we can go on sinning because of grace? No. Paul said that when we are baptized, we are buried with Christ and our old sin nature is buried.
Later, Paul added, that we are not to “let sin reign” in our moral bodies. (Romans 6).
So, every day we battle temptation. Every day we battle sin. Even though we have asked Christ into our hearts, we still battle sin and temptation. And the only way to be beat it is to, everyday bury our old nature… don’t let it reign in your life.
Each one of us are tempted by different things. We need to be careful and not let those areas that we are tempted by trip us up.
I am a sports fan…. sports nut would be more like it. For a couple of years, I’ve tried to control my love for sports and not get so aggravated when my team loses. It’s a constant battle.
For some, they may be battle the temptation of liquor.
Others may battle the temptation of drugs.
For some it may be porn.
For others, maybe it’s pride.
All of us have something… some sin that we battle. And that sin is strong… Don’t fool yourself… it is strong. But, Jesus is stronger. Every day, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to help us bury it.
Just because you give your life to Christ doesn’t mean you don’t battle temptation any more. We do. Ask the Holy Spirit to bury your old sin nature.

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