People Who Dwell Ono God’s Holy Hill

     I read Psalm 15 as part of my devotional this morning. The Psalmist asks, “Who may abide in your tent? Who may dwell on Your holy hill?”
     The person who will dwell with the Lord is a person of integrity and works righteousness. He speaks truth in his heart. Integrity means honesty. As Christians, we should be honest. Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.” “Salt of the earth” is a metaphor for good people… people of integrity.
      It is also a person who doesn’t slander or gossip. The Christian should guard his tongue. We shouldn’t be guilty of starting gossip or repeating it. Folks, this applies to other Pastor’s and churches as well.
      Have you ever told someone, “Well, I HEARD something the other day that happened at another church?” You HEARING it, doesn’t mean it’s fact and even if it is, you shouldn’t repeat it. Christians…. we need to guard our tongues.
      It is also a person who honors those who fear the Lord. That means there is reverence for God. There is not the reverence for God today that there has been. God is Holy… God is Jehovah God… not the man upstairs.
      Finally, this person “does not take a bribe…” This person is not motivated by greed.
The Godly man is a person of integrity.. guards their tongue.. has reverence for God… is not motivated by greed.
      We should all strive to be people who will dwell on God’s holy hill.

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