“It’s Not About Religion- It’s About Jesus”

Last night I had the privilege of officiating a wedding ceremony in Ball Ground, Ga. The wedding went well and I hung around to do the blessing at the reception. I was seated with a man who played football in the NFL and his wife. They had been married three years. We talked about his playing days, etc.
At some point, the subject of religion came up and the man said he was raised Roman Catholic. I asked his wife what church she attended and she said, “Well, I was Catholic. But now I attend Northpoint.” Northpoint is a non-denominational church founded by Andy Stanley. It’s located in Alpharetta, Ga.
I commended both of them on attending and then the man said, “It’s not about religion… it’s about (and with his hand he made a vertical motion meaning up and down).” I agreed with him.
Then he said, “I tell my kids to go somewhere. I don’t care where… just go..”
Think about his statement… “it’s not about religion…” He’s right; it’s not about religion.. it’s about a relationship with Christ.
What about you? Where do you attend worship?
You may reply, “Well, I’m a believer but I’m not into religion.” I hear you… I’m not into religion either. But I am into Jesus.
Someone else may say, “Well… I believe… but I got hurt in church and I don’t attend anymore.”
Again, I hear you and I share your pain. I’ve gotten hurt before.. but, Holli and I are attending another church that has allowed us to heal.
Today is Sunday… a day of worship. I encourage you, to find a church and worship. You need to worship. You need to take an hour out of the one-hundred-and-sixty-eight the Lord gives us and slow your heart-rate down and worship.
God made us… God knows our needs.
Don’t get hung up on religion. It’s not about religion… It’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ, Savior of the World.
Worship Jesus today

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