Make Sure That What You Are Sitting On Is Sturdy

What is your life built on? Is it something solid or, will it cave in when things get tough?
Yesterday, Holli and I went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. We had never been there and we were taking a Sunday afternoon stroll on a beautiful day so, we drove to Piedmont park. The park has a walking track around it so we took a walk.
We came to a spot where a lady was sitting in front of table. We stopped and I began to chat with her. Holli had to step away for a minute so, I asked if I could sit down on her bench? She agreed so I sat down.. and I crashed! Fell to the ground! Knocked my Yeti over and Holli’s tea over.
The lady quickly said, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Then she added, “the bench wasn’t locked in on that end, I guess.”
No it wasn’t. šŸ™‚ And I was the one who discovered it.
So, I wanted to sit down… there was an opening in a bench that I thought was solid… but when my weight hit the bench, it was not locked in and couldn’t support me.
What are you resting on today? What is your life built on? Whatever it is, make sure it’s locked in underneath.
This bench looked perfectly fine. There was plenty of room for me to sit on and I assumed it was sturdy… but it wasn’t.
Life can be like that. What is important to you? What is your life built on?
For some, their life is built on making money. And there is nothing wrong with working hard and making money unless, that becomes your god.
For some, it’s leisure. Some people love to play golf. Some love to travel. Some love their family. Some love their job.
There is nothing wrong with any of those as long as they don’t become our god.
The only thing that will never fail you is Jesus. Build your life on Christ.
Today, make sure that what you are about to sit on is sturdy…. Make sure your life is built on something that will hold you up when life gets tough.

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