How To Have A Clear Conscience

The United States government has a “conscience” fund. It has existed since 1811. That was when James Madison’s administration received $5 from someone who said they had defrauded the government. Since that time, guilt money has been dribbling into the U.S. Treasury… more than $6.5 million in all. The money comes from people who want to clear their conscience. Sometimes, they even send a note with their money. One person said they had re-used two postage stamps.
Well, of all of God’s creation, man alone has a conscience.
In Acts 24:14, the apostle Paul said, “Because of this, I always try to maintain a clear conscience before God and all people.”
Earlier in his life, Paul had persecuted Christians so how could he state that he had a clear conscience? Because Paul had trusted Christ as His Savior and Paul was trying to live for Christ.
How can we have a clear conscience?
Let me suggest just two things we should do to maintain a clear conscience;
Do the right thing and live by the golden rule. That’s it. If we do those two things we have a clear conscience.
Do the right thing… that means being honest… it means being responsible…
Living by the golden rule… it means treating others like we would want to be treated. If we live by the golden rule, we will never mistreat anyone.
So, do you want a clear conscience? Trust Jesus as your Savior, do the right thing and live by the golden rule. Those three things will give us a clear conscience.

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